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» Weekend with the Péloquin-Hopfners » part I » the farm and the boat

A fantastic weekend in western Manitoba with some of my favourite people.  We explored lots- here are the shots from the farm/ sailing adventure part of the trip.

The camera got passed around a bit this weekend- some great perspective shots by Daniel Péloquin Hopfner.

Sailing adventure with the fireball on Lake Dauphin!

The fireball loaded up and ready for adventure

"What could possibly go wrong?"  Well this certainly turned into an adventure.  It was our first time rigging up the boat which had been sitting in the Péloquin-Hopfner yard for many years.  The wind was ripe and just as we got the sails up and started rocketing across the lake, the tiller snapped.  We kept her from sinking but a number of the access doors to the floatation chambers popped open and she filled right up with water.  No problem, we all hoped into the water and kicked her back to shore (only took about an hour).  Lucky for us the wind was in the right direction and it was a beautiful day so we made it back to shore safe and sound.  Adventure!

After an eventful day, we were all pretty tuckered out and welcomed a warm evening of family jamming in the living room where the boys grew up.

Exploring the Hopfner fields and trying out Daniel's bow.  Another beautiful day.

Rosemarie helping pack up the fireball's spinnaker

Rosemaire and her boys

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