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A collection of some of Emily's adventures.

» Biped visits the farm

A couple of weekends ago, I tagged along with the friends from Biped radio on a rural adventure that took us out to the Harvest Moon Festival (Clearwater, Manitoba) and back.   Needless to say, there was ample material for a "Biped visits the farm" episode.  Here are some photos I caught while they were gathering sound clips for the episode.

You can listen to the full episode here:  In fact, hit play and listen as you scroll though the photos, then you'll really feel like you were there... maybe.

» Roping with Bill

I crawled out of my tent Saturday morning rather messy haired and bleary eyed after a night of dancing and campfires to find Lyndon as bright tailed and bushy eyed as ever already in the middle of a roping lesson with local school teacher Bill Harding.

Here's Bill "building a loop" and Lyndon "Lyndoning a loop" (Lyndon's joke, not mine)

what a man

Bill even let Lyndon pose with his hat.  Works pretty well with the ridiculous mustache.

Here's Bill demonstrating how to rope livestock by the feet... err hooves.

» Pancake Breakfast

Next up was the giant Clearwater pancake breakfast hosted by the community church congregation.  Featuring local eggs and pork, home made jams and all sorts of nice old lady baking.  Considering Biped's appreciation for a good pancake meal (see their pancake porn feed), it was a fitting addition to the weekend's adventures.

There is nothing you appreciate more than a hot hearty and greasy breakfast after a weekend of heightened sensory experiences.  The nights went late, the mornings are early, the wind was cold, the daytime sun hot, the floor of the tent not particularly level.  Lots to love, lots to drink, lots to listen to, lots to learn.  My favourite weekend of the year.

» Harness Racing

During the quiet drive back east at the end of the festival, we were startled out of our reveries and remembrances of the past weekend's event by the sight of a group of horses pounding their way around a dirt track pulling small two wheeled carts carrying men in snazzy racing suits. 

What the heck?

We had stumbled upon the the last race of the Manitoba Great Western Harness Racing Circuit

Turns out it's a pretty big thing in Miami, MB.  They've got a great stadium and betting booths set up and everything

The riders are so close behind the back of the horses that the steeds wear butt flaps to protect their vulnerably located counterparts from getting pooped on.

The stadium and locals out to watch the race


The betting boths

great hoof sounds

My favourite: Rain Gauge

Unfortunately Rain Gauge didn't win me a milkshake.

Lyndon catching some of the sounds of the announcer's booth.

Lyndon catching some of the sounds of the announcer's booth.

The race organizers and announcers

You look away for just a second, and next thing you know Lyndon is up amongst the organizers announcing the next race.

He did a pretty good job of it too... considering.

Buddies Michael and Dre enjoying contemplating which team is the best bet at winning them a milkshake.

Thus concludes my weekend adventures with Biped Radio.  I encourage you to check out their podcasts, articles and tune in to CJOB on Saturdays at 8 to hear them on air, it ain't half bad.

I'll be posting more festival related photos to follow, I was honoured to be a part of the Harvest Moon team for the weekend as an "official photographer" and look forward to sharing my photos of the rest of the magical weekend with you.