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A collection of some of Emily's adventures.

The Marchand Rodeo

We followed the Imrie clan out to the Marchand Rodeo this summer.  I left a wedding at midnight, picked up Lyndon in Winnipeg, and then we headed out to the sandylands. That's how enthused we were to be there. Unfortunately we just missed the big barn dance, and event that started out at a dance, but quickly erupted into an all out brawl, but we set up camp, had a good sleep and awoke to a free pancake breakfast put on by one of the local congregations.

It was a HOT day, but we found solace in the air conditioning and words of wisdom plastering the walls of the Marchand bar.  When we ventured back to the grounds, cold coors lights from the Imrie's cooler and $3 burgers from the canteen kept us going while the thrills of the Rodeo kept us entertained.  Murray Imrie, pride of Falcon lake, was just too much cowboy for one team at that rodeo, kicking up dust as a member of both the Good Old Boys and Palm Breeze. As the day went by, I like to think we started to fit in around there.  In fact, at one point we were all sitting watching the wild cow milking event, and the next thing I know Lyndon was up in the announcer's tower calling the peewee barrel races.

It was a great day.  You all should come next year.