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A collection of some of Emily's adventures.

Dryberry Lake with Daniel and Sumac

Exploring the beautiful Dryberry lake with the best of company.

Dryberry is located south of the Experimental Lakes area (south-east of Kenora). It is a conservation reserve which lies within the Northwest Angle Treaty of 1873 – Treaty #3 area, land originally settled by the Saulteau Ojibway people. 

The history of the people and spirituality of the people is evident through the pictographs, caves and old campsites that can be found around the lake.

Highlights of the trip include skinny dipping in the late September waters, so many perogies and garlic sausage, campfire coffee, the collapsing hammock, lake-side crib, the spectacular storm from which we all took refuge in the worlds smallest tent, an orchestra of thirty + loons, exploring the lake and it's pictographs by water, Daniel's unknowing soot smudged face, canoeing back directly into the sunset, and trying to navigate the way home in the pitch black by use of the contour lines of the map Michelle lent us.