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A collection of some of Emily's adventures.

Nuit Blanche

The night when every parking lot, every gallery, every park in downtown Winnipeg turns into a totally off the rocks sparky and surreal party. Nuit Blanche. A beautiful way to appreciate and celebrate the dope arts community and creativity that flows through this town. The perfect stepping stone to launch you into a spiral of carnaval-esque all night party madness.

Synonym Art Consultation's Wall to Wall festival killed it with their mural launch party and late night parkinglot take-over. If you've never heard of Synonym, or checked out the plethora of amazing projects they bring to this city, what the heck? They are incredible, inform yourself.  The Riel Gentlemen's choir, drifting around the city with pop-up performances, under clouds of incandescent light bulbs and warehouse parkades was great, great stuff. And frick, those Lights Unlimited boys did it again, illuminating all the fun at old market square with a drape of neon blue and purple, complete with their own colour shifting cubeoctahedron pendents, straight out of the workshop. And that's just a fraction of all the amazing things floating around. Oh man, there was so much to see.

Much respect and love to all the creative minds at play out there.