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50th anniversary of the Falcon Lake Encounter

Have you ever heard of the Falcon Lake Incident? The famous UFO encounter that happened out here in 1967? It is said to be the most credible documented UFO encounter in North American History. It's a great story. I encourage you to read Lyndon's story about it here >.

Basically the story goes that back in 1967, a hobby geologist named Stephen Michalak was out exploring the woods of Falcon Lake when a couple of flying saucers showed up. One landed, he approached it, he tried to communicate with it, tried to touch it, burnt his hand and then was burnt by the exhaust when it took off. A full in investigation took place after that involving the RCMP, and apparently the Canadian and American military. Who knows what it was, or what really happened, but it sure is a great story and was a real big deal in Falcon Lake back in the day.

This past May long weekend marks the 50th anniversary of "the encounter". To celebrate, our friends at The Falcon Beach Ranch organized guided horseback tours to the the encounter site, where Devin told the story of the incident, and later everyone gathered for a BBQ meal and a talk with UFOlogist Chris Rutkowski. Rutkowski also launched a book that he had just written along with son of Stephen, Stan Michalak all about the incident. You can pick up a copy from McNally Robinson Books.

Obviously I wasn't going to miss out on a banger of an event like this! A bunch of us booked onto the 2 pm ride on Sunday. The weather was quite perfect. The morning had been drizzly but the rain held out for us and made for a beautiful moody atmosphere. The ride was so fun, and there were some pretty hard core UFO geeks on it, which made it really entertaining. Devin did a bang up job on the story telling, and we learned a lot.

The Ranch offers guided horseback tours to the UFO site. I recommend it 100%, it's a wonderful little ranch with great horses, the trail is super beautiful, the Imries are fantastic folks and great guides, and it really is an incredible story. That all that mystery and attention happened here in Falcon Lake back in the day, but now is a mostly forgotten about story.