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Bee Inspecting

I got the opportunity to travel around the province for a few weeks inspecting some apiaries, cruising backroads, and talking to farmers. What a great way to see the province, I really got to see some places I would never have been to if not for this job. I only wish I took more pictures!


My wife and I bought a house this summer, it needed a ton of work (understatement)... here are a few pictures of us taking it apart and putting the thing back together again. 

Thanks to all the fine people who helped us along the way, the list is a pretty long one :)



taking it apart...


Some of the finished project, still have some work to do but most of it is finished!


I got married to an amazing woman this past summer and we went on a tour of Oregon for our honeymoon. We stayed in some interesting hostels and camped along the coast, hitting up as many breweries as we could along the way. What an beautiful and diverse state, I can't wait to go back!




Harvest Moon Festival

What a wonderful music festival, such a perfect time of year at a great little town in clearwater manitoba. Here are a few pics from this past festival.



the rivertrail

I worked at the forks this past winter we built and maintained 6.1km of trail on the river. Here are a some pics from the months it was open. 

Here are my coworkers who made the trail happen, from the top; Pj, Michael, Whitey, Jonathan (Vin Diesel), Joel, and Dave.

The start of the season, pulling warming huts from the compound.

When the ice does not permit us to drive vehicles at the start of the season, we take to foot and auger holes and flood on top of the ice, building it up to get it ready to skate on. Its a long and rewarding part of the job. 

Getting the trail ready, towing the warming huts onto the ice, building the stairs down to the river and all the other finishing touches. 

The daily grind starts once the trail is opened, maintaining the ice is the most important next step. Plowing, brushing, flooding, and using the zamboni when the temperature and conditions permit.

The last days of the trail




the bee season

Some photos of the bee season this year. A few friends decided to get a some hives out near Sanford MB, and this is our story... 


This is extraction day, and the bees are a bit protective of their honey as they should bee... 

Derek clearing the bees out of frames that are going to be extracted. 


The bees here are at their most active, looking around for honey and wax left behind. 

uncapping honey frames and getting them ready for the extractor. 

the honey extractor 

We found a bee hive in a barn and tried to find a new home for it

taking off the inside of the barn wall

the new and the old

Derek trying to find the queen, without her this hive transfer will not work

doing a bee check up, trying to find the queen and eggs in each hive to see how healthy they are


winterizing the hives at the end of the season

cutting a hole for each hive to allow for airflow and transit

smelling for bee poo... 

Bird Control

I recently worked in northern manitoba, I have a strange sort of job that I love so so much. I work with falcons and hawks in a resource management setting. We keep away problem species from industrial sites and airports around the country. Being up north in the spring allowed for lots of time to play with long exposures of the northern lights. 

 I love this job

into the infrared

The art of Film Photography has risen in popularity lately, and I chose to pursue this outdated way of capturing images like many others. The digital world has been taking these older techniques and replicating them in newer cameras, with 'film' filters on instagram to in camera 'double exposures'. There is even infrared version of digital photography as well, but that still has not been made to look like the old film. I found this guy in Germany selling loads of expired Areochrome infrared film used in arial surveys and decided to buy some, at around 33$ a roll.... This is medium format by the way so a roll runs around 10 pictures.

What intrigues me about this film is the ability to see the light we cannot with our own eyes, cutting out part of the visible spectrum with filters and capturing something that is completely invisible to us. The greens true beautiful reds and pinks, the water almost black or turquoise. There is no real advantage, and its surrealism but I love it, I just wish I could find more... 


At the Gillam landfill in Northren Manitoba

One night we went to swim at an old gravel quarry and this beautiful storm rolled in, the water became so calm before we were battered with rain and crazy wind. 

One night we went to swim at an old gravel quarry and this beautiful storm rolled in, the water became so calm before we were battered with rain and crazy wind.

Taken on a hike in a small Nepali village

An old volcanic crater in Cambodia

Along the Mekong River

The first shot on a new roll, too bad this exposure was cut off. You can see the way the film makes skin look, yellows come out, and black fabric turns different shades of red. 

We were just paddling a boat on a lake in Nepal when these three old women motored past us, one women was smoking with one hand and paddling in the other... I made my friends pick up our pace which I thought was pretty good so we could get a picture, all I had in the camera was infrared film, but I think it turned out pretty well.