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the bee season

Some photos of the bee season this year. A few friends decided to get a some hives out near Sanford MB, and this is our story... 


This is extraction day, and the bees are a bit protective of their honey as they should bee... 

Derek clearing the bees out of frames that are going to be extracted. 


The bees here are at their most active, looking around for honey and wax left behind. 

uncapping honey frames and getting them ready for the extractor. 

the honey extractor 

We found a bee hive in a barn and tried to find a new home for it

taking off the inside of the barn wall

the new and the old

Derek trying to find the queen, without her this hive transfer will not work

doing a bee check up, trying to find the queen and eggs in each hive to see how healthy they are


winterizing the hives at the end of the season

cutting a hole for each hive to allow for airflow and transit

smelling for bee poo...