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the rivertrail

I worked at the forks this past winter we built and maintained 6.1km of trail on the river. Here are a some pics from the months it was open. 

Here are my coworkers who made the trail happen, from the top; Pj, Michael, Whitey, Jonathan (Vin Diesel), Joel, and Dave.

The start of the season, pulling warming huts from the compound.

When the ice does not permit us to drive vehicles at the start of the season, we take to foot and auger holes and flood on top of the ice, building it up to get it ready to skate on. Its a long and rewarding part of the job. 

Getting the trail ready, towing the warming huts onto the ice, building the stairs down to the river and all the other finishing touches. 

The daily grind starts once the trail is opened, maintaining the ice is the most important next step. Plowing, brushing, flooding, and using the zamboni when the temperature and conditions permit.

The last days of the trail