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Sam + Robin

Emily was fresh home from touring Europe with some musician friends and Jordan had just gotten back from a month spent on a northern damn working with his birds (check out his photos here).  What a perfect way to kick of wedding season then to be a part of our good friend's big day.

Sam and Robin celebrated with a wedding focused on their beautiful West Broadway neighbourhood.  Stormy weather meant that plans for a parade down to the church had to be scrapped, and our outdoor photoshoot had to be re-worked into their beautiful home, but it turned out great. 

The wedding was located at the First Unitarian Universalist Church and featured talent show performances by the plethora of musicians, magicians and entertainers that were there as guests, complete with an entire choir of buddies assembled specifically for Sam and Robin.

By the afternoon the clouds had cleared and made for a perfect conditions for a late afternoon shoot.  The day wrapped up with a big backyard party full of our favourite people in town and was beautifully illuminated by the work of our pals at Lights Unlimited.

These two compliment each other in a beautiful way, and it was an honour to be a part of it all.